Plantation Shutters: Everything Answered

Plantation Shutters: Everything Answered

Plantation Shutters are fast becoming the most popular modern window furnishing in Australia.

1. Where are Plantation Shutters or Blinds best placed?

Plantation shutters are great for any room because they can be designed and fitted exactly for windows or doors. Use them for room dividers, if you like. The particular product that you choose will determine whether the shutters are best for the interior or exterior of the home. Each shutter is custom made and will fit bay windows, arches, and even portholes. The individual blinds are also made to fit any window precisely. This makes them have wonderful appeal as well as functionality.

2. Aren’t Plantation Shutters expensive?

There are a variety of designs and options which give customers lots of Plantation Shutters or Blinds to choose from. They can be custom designed and they also come in many colors and styles. This is one reason they are usually found in the top price ranges. More affordable options include Roman Blinds, Roller Blinds, and Venetian Timber Blinds. These products are made with good quality but a lot of our clients find that when they combine our shutters and blinds with other products, they are easy enough to fit in any budget.
You can mix products to save money. Use fabric blinds for back windows, Timber Venetians for side windows and leave the Plantation Shutters for the front to make a beautiful statement.

3. How long can Plantation Blinds and Shutters last?

We have been in business providing Australia with these products for 25 years. In this time, we have found our products remain fully functional and elegant for many years. Our clients return to us to have their Plantation Shutters resprayed. This is all it takes to give them a whole new look. Our Timber Venetian blinds also last quite a while.

It is true that there will be wear on cords or rods, but these are easy to replace. We offer up to a 5-year warranty on Fabric Blinds. As with any product, maintain them as suggested and always use care when raising or lowering them. This way you can enjoy all of our products for a long time.

Design, a Sydney plantation shutter company says that it is the mechanisms within the shutter that may end up breaking first.

4. What does it mean when Shutters or Blinds are Custom designed?

Every one of our Plantation Blind or Shutter products is made from scratch. They are custom created to fit your doors or windows perfectly. We send a member of our sales team to you to take initial measurements. This allows us to give you an exact quote.
Most of the time we will send a fitter out again to make sure all measurements are exact,  right down to the millimeter. This is when we then send them to the manufacturer so your Shutter or Blind can get made. Our blinds and shutters are custom made from a good deal of experience and expertise. This assures you of getting excellent results. Each Shutter or Blind fits exactly.

5. Why is it that Plantation Shutters come with different blade sizes and shapes?

Traditional Plantation Shutters came with rounded edges and flat profile blades. These came with blades that were thicker in the middle and narrower towards the edges. While the blade shape will not affect the functionality of the blind or shutter, it does affect the appearance. This is more of a detail that suits personal tastes. Some people think that the small blade has a traditional look. We like to provide our customers with options.
Ultimately, the styling of the finished blinds and shutters is all up to you. When your sales member arrives at your home, you can see a variety of blade sizes and shapes. They carry plenty of samples with them for you to see. This helps you so that you can make an informed choice about what you want for your home or office’s shutters or blinds.

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