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Australian Institute of Professional Photographers

Welcome to the Photo Marketing Association

Associations, large organisations, small and micro business  – everyone needs to diversify to be successful.  PMA benefits from the experience of our members which expands how we do things, how we think and the potential we have as an Association.

We are committed to support the imaging industry and to add value to our members. A wealth of information is provided through various media which cover the latest products, trends and business techniques;  including access to experienced mentors and industry specialists.

PMA educates and attracts consumers through workshops and trade shows, to help members increase their revenue, their profile in the market and to be recognised as accredited professionals.

Our Mission: “Evolve the imaging business community worldwide by promoting innovation, marketing, technology, and passion for photography”


Imagine the power of unity in building an imaging future. 

The industry is here to stay and it is exciting to think of what else can be developed when you reflect on its evolution over the last few years.


Be connected, aware and part of a larger group. Strength is in the numbers; the more members, the more opportunities for diversity, discussion, mentoring and learning.

Growth starts with ONE!

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